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4 Exhibits, Talks, & Events We're Looking Forward to at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

Written by Ben Silverman | May 18, 2017 9:41:00 PM

We’re getting ready for Maker Faire Bay Area! In its eleventh year running, this flagship Bay Area Faire is one of our favorite places to meet and connect with other makers from around the world. We’ll be in the Maker to Market area presenting Tertill, our solar-powered, home garden-weeding robot, from May 19-21.  There's a map available to help get you oriented.

From STEM education, to drones, to games, to VR, to rocket science, Maker Faire has it all, and is bringing together thousands of innovators for the world’s best show-and-tell.

Navigating an event this size, and choosing which talks, performances, and makers to see can be overwhelming. Here’s our roundup of some of the booths, events, and speakers that we’re looking forward to.



Justin Cutter has been driving around the United States in a 25-foot mobile garden truck, and introducing gardening to children in food deserts. With an emphasis on sustainable food education, Justin and his greenhouse-on-wheels have taught over 39,000 kids about organic gardening.

As “gardener roboticists”, we’re fascinated by the intersection of technology and agriculture, and are always thrilled to learn how people are innovating.

Saturday, May 20

LOCATION: Zone 8 in Hands-On Homegrown Workshop

TIME: 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Sunday, May 21

LOCATION: Zone 8 in Hands-On Homegrown Workshop

TIME: 11:00 am - 11:45 am



We’ve invented a robot that lives and works in your backyard, so naturally we’re interested in workshops that take place there - especially those that share a similar mission as Tertill - sustainability, productivity, and spending more time outdoors.

This presentation, led by The University of California Master gardeners will show gardeners and suburban farmers that building a garden to attract pollinators and other helpful garden critters is easier than they expected.

Sunday, May 21

LOCATION: Zone 8 in Maker Square

TIME: 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm


We’re looking forward to this event because it combines a couple of elements found on one of our models of Tertill: Internet of Things capabilities, and 3D printing (which we use for our Slugtaze plant collars). Zero-gravity 3D printers, designed for the International Space Station could revolutionize how we handle supplies in space, and cut down on expensive launches to restock the ISS.

Saturday, May 20

LOCATION: Zone 2 in MAKE: Electronics

TIME: 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

  1. BIG ANT


Take one part Da Vincian mechanics, one part Jules Verne monsters, and add a pinch of Honey I Shrunk The Kids and you’ve got De L'île Nantes and Les Machines’ “Big Ant.” The exhibition combines art and robotics and gives willing attendees a wild ride through the Faire.

We’ve designed Tertill to deal with garden pests like rabbits and insects, but an ant this big might present some problems for our frisbee-sized robot!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: May 19-21

LOCATION: Zone 8 in The Yard: South

With thousands of presenters this year, there’s something for everybody. Which events or booths are you most excited about at Maker Faire? Join the conversation about Maker Faire using #MFBA17 on Twitter. We’re excited to get going, and we’ll see you tomorrow in the Bay Area in the Maker to Market section.